Join Our Team!

UAB “Bageta” is located in the town of Meškuičiai, Šiauliai district.

The input of every employee is very important. We value individual skills and professional experience.

We believe that only together and by being united we may move forward.

There are several departments doing different activities in our company.

People are valued for their abilities, professional attitude and devotion to the activities they perform.
It is backed by several tens of employees, who have been continuing their professional lives here for many years.

We are open to discussions and are constantly waiting for new employees able to join the collective.

Open positions:

  • Production employee in wood processing department.
  • Equipment operator in wood processing department.
  • Machine tools operator in wood processing department.

Please contact us, visit us and let’s discuss your opportunities.

  • We always try to achieve the highest result in areas important to the company;
  • We encourage initiative and decisive actions for the benefit of the company and our clients;
  • We learn from success and failures;
  • We are ready to listen more and talk less: we let our actions speak for us;
  • In our company, the most attention is given to everything that is client-related;
  • We are unconditionally devoted to our work and open to new things;
  • In our work activities, we constantly look for new, more advanced work tools and methods.

When we face problems and events take an unexpected turn, we do not defend ourselves and do not blame each other, we only assume the responsibility.



  • Company code: 175711843

  • VAT code: LT757118413


  • SWIFT code: HABALT22

  • Bank code: 73000

  • IBAN: LT277300010002402551

  • CITADELE BANKA, AS Lithuanian branch

  • SWIFT code: INDULT2X

  • Bank code: 72900

  • IBAN: LT037290000005467859