Wooden Pallet Collars

Wooden Pallet Collars

Pallet collars are widely used in all industries worldwide. Collars, edges made of hinged wooden boards are usual products well known to representatives of heavy industry, who organise production and logistics processes.

Such pallet collar is easy to assemble and is multifunctional: it may be adapted to various activities and needs.

It is easy to unfold the pallet collar and put it on a corresponding size pallet. If necessary, by assembling and placing several edges on top of each other, a box of the desired height can be formed.

This versatile product, due to its simplicity and durability, is in demand in the largest supply chains. It also solves the tasks of efficient storage, saves space and time and facilitates the organization of internal and external transportation processes.

Pallet collars ensure order and security!

Wooden pallet collars can be used in all warehouse racking systems where pallets are used. Collars are gradually assembled on top of each other, placing the products inside and forming upwards a storage box. In this way, employees do not need to bend over a high box and the ergonomics in the workplace make the activity more effective and keep the staff healthy.

Pallet collar systems are popular due to their flexibility and affordability. Collars can be disassembled from the box fast and easy; in order to save space, they are stored folded and are used repeatedly. Pallet collar optimizes space in your storage area and can last up to 10 years when used properly.

Pallet collar protects products, components or raw materials from external factors (dust, mechanical damage, etc.). For this purpose, covers may be used on warehousing pallets together with collars that compose the box: in such a way, a firm, closed box is created.

Production of pallet collars

Pallet collars are manufactured using automated production lines in accordance with the highest possible standards and correspond with standardized international and European pallet sizes. Collars are also produced in accordance with individual requests, adapted to pallets of various sizes. Heat-treated pallet collars certified in accordance with ISPM15 standard are supplied to our clients, who export their products outside the European Union.

Pallet collars, made of thick heat-treated wood, are particularly impact-resistant.

Our highest quality wooden pallet collars are made of planed wood consisting of one or two boards.

Fixed with galvanised steel hinges, pallet collars are particularly durable and adapted to the heaviest industrial cargo.

Standard dimensions: 800 × 1200 mm, 600 × 800 mm and 1000 × 1200 mm.

Following accessories may be supplied together with wooden collars: covers, plastic edges and dividers.

Assortment of wooden pallet collars

You can order not only the length, width and/or height of your choice, but also the number of hinges.
We produce collars with 4 or 6 galvanized hinges that are folded diagonally or in the middle.

Customization of pallet collars

Pallet collars may be customized. Logo and/or product name (letters/numbers/special characters) can be printed on the collars using screen printing.

Custom painting of specific parts of pallet collars and company logo on them may help with faster identification, easier registration and organisation of the warehouse.

It is a lot easier to mark pallet collars than to apply other means of identification. It is a fast and simple solution ensuring that your packaging is easily recognized by final users and in the supply chain.

Different standardized and adapted pallet collar sizes from 400 to 3000 mm are available.
In order to organize a more effective process in warehouses, hinges of collars are often painted in accordance with the regulations of production and process organisation. Boards of collars may be fully painted like hinges. In addition, milling of handles is possible on the edges.

We are open to challenges and opportunities, if our clients have other ideas.

Bageta is a flexible and client-oriented manufacturer and supplier of pallet collars.


We will be happy to quote for pallet collars made from premium or second grade timber.

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