Wooden Pallets

EPAL Wooden Pallets

EUR standard

Euro pallets are the most commonly used wooden pallets in Europe and meet the declared dimensions and specifications. Their size is defined by the CEN standard.

These pallets are often used in warehouses and are suitable for different purposes.

European standard pallet is always marked as EURO pallet by employing several abbreviations (EPAL).

The most important factor in pallet production has always been and still is the quality of wood and the processing method. EURO pallets are interchangeable in European Union countries.

Pallets that meet the standardizes requirements can be used in the European pallet exchange system EPP.

  • EPAL1 is the most popular Euro pallet, the measurements of which are 800×1200 mm, safe working load is up to 1500 kg.
  • EPAL2 Euro pallet measurements are 1000×1200 mm, safe working load is up to 1250 kg.
  • EPAL3 is a new Asian standard in the pallet assortment, the measurements of which are 1000×1200 mm, safe working load is up to 1500 kg
Bageta produces professional and reliable pallets for different industries. We are happy to be able to help you both with standard pallets and with customized pallets.

Disposable wooden pallets

Single-use pallets are different from EUR pallets in their size and/or construction.

Often, different terms are used in the market: disposable, single-use or one-way pallets.

A well-maintained single-use, medium-weight wooden pallet can be used multiple times.

Depending on the industry, the weight and measurements of products or the country of destination, the construction of pallets may differ (in terms of thickness of boards and used connective materials).

Blocks can be made of wood or compressed wood sawdust.

The disposable pallet is mainly used for export, the main purpose of which is fast and cheap delivery.

This is a very functional pallet: the carrying capacity is 850 kilograms, the ability to pick up and lift from any side of the pallet.

Customized wooden pallets

Modern contemporary production allows us to adapt to the needs of the industry and the individual projects of our partners.

We specialize in the production of individual wooden pallets that best meet the needs and requirements of the customer. Individually designed and manufactured wooden pallets are used to store and transport products of various sizes and quantities.

In production, we use only new raw wood.

Our team makes pallets for different industries, including production line machines, equipment, metal part components, energy devices, ship components, switchboards and automation elements.

Our processes and used materials are non-toxic and environment-friendly.


We will be happy to quote for pallet collars made from premium or second grade timber.

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