In the Code of Ethics, we intend to define the company’s values, objectives, professional ethics and principles of conduct with the clients, providers, contractors, partners and our colleagues (employees).


Our biggest values are our People and their knowledge. We recognise that employees are the foundation of successful activities. We are proud of and respect our devoted, responsible, creative and flexible team.

Acquired knowledge, experience and constant learning are the things that lead us forward.

All of our clients (current and future) are equally important. In order to meet the wishes and expectations of each client, we carefully listen and provide individualised solutions.

We create a trust-based cooperation with our partners.


  • Creation of long-term relationships with clients and partners.
  • Flexibility: the ability to adapt and meet requirements and expectations of the clients.
  • High quality of production: the highest requirements for quality are applied to the manufactured production.
  • Social responsibility: respect for human, society and nature.
  • Innovation: the aim to be the first, to work better, more flexibly, more responsibly and more creatively.
  • Security: to produce safe and environment-friendly wooden packaging.


  1. In order to improve the quality of products and services, improve processes and introduce innovations in all activities of the company.
  2. To improve the qualification of employees, to create proper and safe work conditions.
  3. To constantly implement obligations to clients, our people, partners, providers and shareholders.
  4. To control and reduce the environmental effect related with the company’s activities and rationally use the company’s own and natural resources.
  5. To constantly monitor and improve management systems in order to achieve the maximum results.
  6. To develop personal responsibility of employees for the quality of the manufactured production and the environmental protection.
  7. To perform activity in accordance with the requirements provided in valid legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania, international legal acts, standards and other normative documents regulating the company’s activity.


Principles of employee activities

UAB “Bageta” is obliged to ensure safe work environment for each person employed in our company. Safety is the main value in all fields of our activity, everywhere and always.

Conduct with clients and partners

Conduct with colleagues

  • We communicate with one another in a respectful and tolerant manner, we never speak negatively about our colleagues in front of other people, and we express our opinion directly.
  • We are honest and open to each other. We openly express our opinion and exchange information.
  • We are all equal, therefore we communicate without highlighting the differences of our hierarchical positions.
  • We cooperate in order to achieve the company’s goals and effective activity.
  • We create the work environment based on mutual trust in the organization.
  • We are innovative and open to the ideas of our colleagues;
  • We share knowledge and acquired experience with our colleagues.

As a team…

  • We always try to achieve the highest results in areas important to the company;
  • We encourage innovation and decisive actions for the benefit of the company and our clients;
  • We learn from our success and failures;
  • We are ready to listen more and talk less: we let our actions speak for us;
  • In our company, the most attention is given to everything that is client-related;
  • We are unconditionally devoted to our work and open to new things;
  • In our work activities, we constantly look for new, more advanced work tools and methods;
  • When we face problems and events take an unexpected turn, we do not defend ourselves and do not blame each other, we only assume the responsibility.



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  • VAT code: LT757118413


  • SWIFT code: HABALT22

  • Bank code: 73000

  • IBAN: LT277300010002402551

  • CITADELE BANKA, AS Lithuanian branch

  • SWIFT code: INDULT2X

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