Raised Wooden Beds

Raised Wooden Beds

Raised beds, also known as planting boxes or garden boxes, are a great way to plant vegetables, herbs or flowers in land plots. Raised beds do not allow the soil to become denser, to cave in or for the earth to be washed out.

The use of raised beds in home environment makes the removal of weeds and pests simpler.

It is easy to take care of planted flowers or vegetables. Due to comfortable height, it helps to relieve the back tension related with maintenance and weeding.

Unlike planting boxes, such method of planting has no bottom, which means that the roots of plants may reach deep into the soil.

Sets of raised beds are particularly durable and easily assembled. The product made of natural wood will serve for many years.

Raised beds are the product consisting of wood board and metal hinge, which connects all boards into a single rectangular collar.

A simple solution made with individual measurements is great for creation of raised flower gardens, raised vegetable beds, planting boxes, etc.

  • Pakeliamos medinės sodo lysvės
  • Pakeliamos medinės sodo lysvės

Great for planting vegetables or flowers in personal garden or land-plot

All sets of our raised beds are made of conifer wood. Our wood is 70 % FSC certified.

Our sets of raised beds come in different sizes in order to meet your needs. We make them from non-processed wood.

Due to the fact that the wood is cut in accordance with the highest requirements, precise length, width and height are guaranteed.

Natural wood boards can be painted. Our wood treatment process gives the wood a lifespan of 5-10 years and in many cases much longer.


We will be happy to quote for pallet collars made from premium or second grade timber.

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