Plywood Covers

Covers used with boxes made of pallets and pallet collars are usually made of plywood.

Cover is resistant to humidity, made of glued conifer plywood: firm material made of several crossed glued thin layers of wood.

Cover panels have the same measurements as the pallet and have cut edges. Usually, a cover contains an internal tab, that ensures firm fixation of the cover on the box. A company logo can be placed on the plywood cover and/or the cover can be painted in the required colours.

Plywood covers placed directly on the pallet under the collar serve as the base and put on the pallet collar they have the covering function.

Covers used as the base prevent the cargo from falling through the spaces of pallets; protect the cargo from damages, dirt and also ensure additional stability and security.

Plywood covers may be successfully used in industry, where the product needs to be protected from the external environmental exposure.

Production of plywood covers

Plywood is firm, flexible and has a good load and impact resistance index. Wear-resistant plywood sheets can be used as lids or shields for strong shipping boxes, ensuring that goods and products are properly packed.

Plywood is so called non-wood, therefore export requirements of ISPM 15 do not apply to it. This is due to the processing of wood during the production of plywood.


We will be happy to quote for pallet collars made from premium or second grade timber.

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