Harvest in planting boxes

Gardening in a small plot can be attractive and tiring. Living in a modern environment, an old style garden does not provide attractiveness against the background of the whole environment. When thinking about growing a delicate herb garden or even vegetables, there are many considerations when choosing a growing system.

Made and ready-to-use kit from natural wood, probably the fastest and most durable solution. There are several names on the market for this product. This is a set of raised beds, a set of garden boards.

Fixing garden beds with boards offers many advantages:

  • You don’t have to bend so much and strain your back to reach the plants and take care of them.
  • Surrounding grasses will not invade your vegetable sector.
  • Such an aesthetically formed, regularly shaped set of wooden plank beds remains tidy in all seasons of the year.

Raised bed kits provide ideal conditions for growing vegetables and herbs, perfect for enthusiastic and style-conscious gardeners.

A traditional set of raised beds should be wooden. For those who value naturalness and ecology, it is a priority choice. And while it’s not a forever product, wood raised beds can last for several years before needing to be replaced. Generally, softwood boards last about 10 years in a natural outdoor environment.

Bageta designs and manufactures industrial wood packaging solutions and systems.

The Bageta production unit produces pallet edging for the warehousing and general industry sectors. Such edgings are formed with metal hinges.

The set of raised beds is very similar to regularly produced pallet edgings, so the production is adjusted to adapt to individual needs and to present wooden bed sets to the market of gardeners and gardeners.

Bageta designs and manufactures raised bed systems for professional vegetable growers and home gardeners.



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