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All exporting companies use industrial packaging

No matter how tall, wide, heavy or valuable the packaged goods are, every company takes proper care to protect them during transport. In all cases, care must be taken to ensure that the goods reach their destination safely and efficiently, whether by truck, train, plane or ship.

Although exporting is increasingly common among companies in all sectors, when a company decides to sell its products outside a country’s borders, it involves many additional decisions.

One of the most important elements that all companies face is the choice of packaging for exported products. This will be key to successfully exporting in the most productive way.

Shipping or export packaging is the outer layer of packaging and is designed to protect your goods during transit. Examples of export packaging include wooden boxes or containers, platforms and pallets.

Industrial packaging is mainly relevant for companies producing devices, mechanisms, and machine tools, when the product is heavy and bulky.

Before choosing a partner for industrial packaging production, the technical details and the task are important, which are solved by all interested parties in cooperation.

Bageta designs and manufactures industrial wood packaging solutions and systems.

Emerging questions to evaluate:

What needs to be shipped: Product
There are an infinite number of different types of goods and each of them has special characteristics that will be decisive when choosing one or another package.

How shipping will be done: Vehicle
The vehicle is another factor that will dictate the type of packaging. For example, for sea transport, it is necessary to choose a type of packaging that protects the goods from oxidation and corrosion typical of the marine environment.

Where to Ship: Destination
The destination of the cargo may have special characteristics that affect the appropriate export packaging. In addition, the different regulations that one country or another may have may also be decisive in choosing a specific packaging solution.

Thick softwood planks and planks are perfect for forming transportation platforms and shields. From such elements, it is possible to assemble boxes of the required dimensions, which will completely enclose the transported equipment in the cage. In other cases, a cage can be formed with gaps between the boards. Such industrial packaging made of natural wood is extremely resistant, suitable for fixing, storing, supporting and protecting your heavy products.

Unlike panels made of plywood panels, wooden board boxes and industrial packaging are extremely resistant to mechanical damage from the outside. For transporting valuable cargo, the safest method will always be chosen, which means wooden industrial packaging.

The advantage of using natural wood plank industrial packaging is that the materials can be reused. Such structures are easily assembled and selected. And if any element is damaged, it is easily replaced or repaired.

Such wooden packaging is made from dried wood to be as light and strong as possible.



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