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Pallet collars in production of metal parts

Pallet collars completely replace paper, metal and plastic boxes. Due to their high resistance, pallet collars may be used in almost all industries.

Wooden pallets may have individual measurements, so, respectively, pallet collars may be of different sizes. Personalisation is one of the areas, where the pallet production industry is really exceptional.

This product turns a flat pallet into a container loaded and folded in a compact manner. It is a long-lasting, durable and economic alternative of metal boxes.

In order to reduce transportation expenses, during transportation and warehousing, pallet collars may be folded into two or four layers.

Besides, interconnected hinges ensure safe further loading of a pallet. Due to various application possibilities, pallet collars are a flexible solution in the chain of production and supply. It is the solution for metal industry companies, the activities of which are the production of components, warehousing and logistics.

Production process in metal sector is risky. It is necessary to protect the manufactured parts and elements from damages, and irregularly shaped parts are hard to include in sets and store in an orderly manner. In such a case, accessories of pallet collars are used. Customised pallet distributors provide advantages of orderly sets.

Bageta production department produces pallet collars for the sectors of warehousing and industry. Such collars are manufactured with metal hinges.

Bageta designs and makes industrial wood packaging solutions and systems.



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