Packaging of fresh harvest

In harvesting processes, wooden boxes are an old and often used object in all farms across regions.

Firm and comfortable method of protection of harvest against crushing or deformations, when wooden boxes are taken into fields, where vegetables and fruits are collected in the gardens. The functionality of wooden boxes serves not only as a mean of transport, but the fact that they are made of wood also gives a huge advantage as fruits and vegetables are protected in the environment of natural components.

Wooden storage boxes are valued in all agricultural sectors, both in storing potatoes and onions, as well as apples, due to air circulation between wooden boards of curbs. Flower farms value and have been using them to store flower bulbs for years.

There are several different specifications of durability of wooden boxes. Large boxes are created and connected in such a way that they may support from 300 kg to 2 tons of harvest weight.

Additional reinforcement boxes are created by attaching stabilising board on the exterior.

Additional reinforcement of boxes is also useful when boxes are stacked during storage. In production, preparations of a set of wooden boxes are prepared for transportation and are assembled for use in farms or gardens.

Wood used for packaging boxes of fruit and vegetables is always natural and does not undergo any chemical processing.

Traditionally, wooden boxes are used for storage and transportation, however their role has changed due to their universality.

Natural character also prevails in trading venues. Therefore, these wooden boxes made of genuine wood are more and more often used in trade venues. Wooden boxes used in a shopping centre add a unique country sense. They are manufactured in different styles: from full shield boxes placed on the ground to small format boards nailed together containing air spaces, placed on wooden pallets, there is definitely a lot to choose from.

For traders, wooden containers and boxes are a great way to store and show any type of freshly picked harvest.

We make containers/boxes for internal and export markets. All export boxes meet ISPM-15 standards. Personalised boxes may be made in accordance with strict specifications by using automated wood sorting and cutting, as well as our strict control procedures.

Bageta is the leading European manufacturer of storage boxes and pallets of potatoes, carrots, onions and other vegetables and fruits.

From containers and boxes of fruits and vegetables to wooden boxes and covers of customised products, Bageta team is ready to cooperate in order to ensure that your packaging and transportation needs are met with as little worries as possible.

We create, produce and provide a wide assortment of wood packaging products.



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