Wooden boxes for heavy industry equipment

When you need to transport heavy industry equipment, you want to find the right team for this job. Not every company has the possibility or competence that allow working with such solutions. Wooden boxes are designed to be very durable and safely attach large equipment for transportation. Often, wooden boxes are the best form of protection when you need to transport heavy industrial equipment. Machine tools and equipment are very valuable. Often, our transported products are fragile, expensive, valuable or all in one. It is important to protect the entire structure and sensitive components, therefore it may be a difficult task to ensure a comprehensive security.

Production boxes

We are the supplier of packaging used to pack your product, so we cooperate with representatives of your production department and packaging engineers in order to create the best packaging solution, which would protect your equipment, parts and elements and safely deliver them to your client.

Having created and manufactured packaging solution, we work in accordance with schedules coordinated with your supply department in order to deliver the manufactured industrial packaging on time.

Bageta designs and produces industrial wood packaging solutions and systems.

Special projects

If you need external wooden packaging for your production, we are determined to cooperate and be suppliers of such packaging. Heavy and mobile products, such as safes, heaters, boilers, moto blocks or other products intended for household customer.

Whether it is machine tools or machines for other industrial companies when they need to be placed in other objects, we are open for cooperation in all cases.

Thick conifer wood boards and lumber are great for forming transportation platforms and shields. Such elements may be used to create boxes of required measurements that completely close the transported equipment in a cage. In other cases, a cage with spaces between boards may be created. Such industrial packaging made of natural wood is especially resistant and suitable for fixing, keeping, supporting and protecting your heavy products.

Unlike shields made of plywood boards, wood board boxes and industrial packaging are particularly resistant to external mechanical damages. The safest method will always be chosen for transportation of valuable cargo, which means wooden industrial packaging.

An advantage of use of natural wood board industrial packaging is that the materials may be reused. Such constructions are easily assembled and disassembled. If any element is ruined, it may be easily replaced or repaired.

Such wooden package is made of dried wood in order to be as light and firm as possible.



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